April 2014 has been a busy month for VP Products and for the Advisory Groups

By Jane Broad posted 05-02-2014 09:44 AM


April 2014 has been a busy month for VP Products and for the Advisory Groups.

I’ve been astounded by the sheer volume of activity across the groups – I have the, sometimes questionable, pleasure of being copied into the PAG listservs – this has boosted my inbox by some 750 emails in a 30 day period! But I assure you, this is not just white noise…

This month there has been a lot of work on the PAG/TAG goals and their alignment with the HEUG’s strategic objectives. It is great to see those goals transforming into actionable plans and all the PAG members taking on responsibility for their delivery.

Another priority for the PAGs during April has been a review of the session feedback from attendees and presenters at Alliance. This feedback really helps to inform session selection for future conferences – not just Alliance but also the US regional and international conferences. More than that, the presenters of some of the really well-reviewed sessions are invited to give us an encore - delivering a webinar on HEUG.online.

The other subjects I see mentioned a lot on the PAG listservs are the Product Enhancement Tracker (PET) and the forums – these two tools are the main source of information for the PAGs about your use of the Oracle products and they help to set the advocacy and education priorities for the PAGs. Help the PAGs to help you – make sure you inform and influence those conversations by contributing to the discussions online.