Advisory Group Engagement & Alliance 2019

By Buddy Combs posted 11-18-2016 09:49 AM


Advisory Groups are fully engaged with the HEUG members, and to continue their engagement with you the members, beginning in September HEUG will highlight and promote your Advisory Group on HEUG.Online. This their opportunity of increasing member and Advisory Group engagement levels. This new engagement process will be a combined effort between each Advisory Group, Board Liaisons and Higher Logic staff. The Advisory Groups will be reaching out for members to participate in webinars, help with blog postings and forum questions. Your Advisory Groups are looking for webinars current issues, Town Halls and even BoF’s. You can help the Advisory Groups with blog postings by providing suggested topics for best practices, current topics, and opportunities.


Planning for Alliance 2019 is in full swing and you as members continue to play an integrated and important role in making the conference a success. Over the next few weeks and months, the Advisory Groups and the Conference Planning team urge our members to help provide the content that makes Alliance so valuable! We are looking for your feedback and, most importantly, your expertise by presenting during Alliance 2019.

Is there a specific workshop topic that peaks your interest? Would you like help with a topic or business process? Did you find a solution to a new government regulation? Maybe you can offer up your solution to your fellow members by presenting during Alliance 2019! We encourage you to start thinking about what you are looking for during Alliance, what your focus is for the future of ERP,  how you solved a business process or new regulation and what your integration strategy is moving forward.  We would appreciate your active participation in the planning process and ask you to continue to engage within your list serve on topics of interest to your organization.

Alliance focuses on you as a member; your feedback provides the Advisory Groups and the planning team valuable information.  Feel free to post your comments on the blog below!