Now Accepting Mentor Applications for the 2021 Mentoring Program

By Mishelle Denton posted 10-14-2020 07:08 AM



You might be thinking, "I'm not qualified to be a mentor!"

Just take a moment to consider your career journey, your business relationships, outcomes of your projects, your technical skills, or any of the many strengths you have by nature or hard work.


And then consider

Have you ever wished that someone had been there to guide you during each phase of your career? Or, maybe you are eternally grateful to one or many who were there for you?


"But, what's in it for me as a mentor?"

Being a mentor will help you sharpen your own leadership skills, but you might be surprised to find that you learn a lot from your mentee too.


"Do I really have time?"

Building any kind of a relationship will take quality time and that's what mentoring requires. The level of engagement you commit to your new role will determine the success of your partnership.

But, don't worry! The Mentoring Committee is here to help guide you through the program so you can focus on your role as a mentor.


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