Upholding the Value of the HEUG Membership

By Terence Houser posted 04-24-2019 06:57 AM


As the excitement of the annual Alliance conference wears off, we turn our attention to the important tasks at hand, ensuring the value of HEUG membership remains high and increases over time.  One of the important ways we’re doing that is through strategic partnerships with organizations across the globe.  The HEUG Board of Directors sees the development of these partnerships as a critical path to our continued success and as such, is devoting considerable effort to nurturing these relationships through the formation of the Strategic Partnerships and Outreach Work Group (SPOWG).  This group is focused on seeking out opportunities to partner with several strategic organizations to increase the value for each HEUG member institution.   

Last year we successfully established a partnership with The Tambellini Group, a leading research and advisory firm dedicated to higher education.  This partnership enables The Tambellini Group to bring HEUG member institutions content and benefits specifically designed for them and their needs through webinars, blogs, and other content.

Another strategic partnership we established is with QUEST. We worked to deliver high-quality QUEST webinar content to our members throughout the year on HEUG’s platform.  This content is complementary to the exceptional information our advisory groups and volunteers already bring you.

In 2019, we’re looking to further solidify these existing partnerships to bring you even more content and information.  In addition, we’re looking to broaden the scope of our strategic partnership program, opening doors to even more value-driven content and opportunities for our members to leverage and engage, so please stay tuned!