Top 4 reasons to submit a proposal for Virtual Alliance 2021

By Rachael Daniel posted 10-20-2020 08:20 AM


TOMORROW is the deadline to submit proposals for Virtual Alliance 2021 sessions, thinking about submitting a proposal?

  1. YOU DON’T need to have all the answers and YOU DO know more than you think.
  2. Helping others makes you feel good.
  3. Coffee Chats, Happy Hours and BOF sessions are a great way to make new connections!
  4. It’s virtual, so there are no travel costs!

I’m game. What do I do next?

  1. Submit a proposal.
  2. If your session is approved, prepare your presentation. Here are some tips.
  3. Register November 18 or after.
  4. Attend Alliance 2021, March 15-18!