Happy Holidays from the Alliance Planning Team!

By Jason Koziara posted 12-18-2019 01:33 PM

Philly Skyline at dusk


‘Tis the month before New Year’s at Alliance HQ

All the creatures are stirring, there’s so much to do!

We’re prepping the conference with joy and with flair

A sense of excitement’s alive in the air

The sessions are scheduled, the party band’s booked

No box lunch order has been overlooked

And rather than nestling all snug in our beds

Visions of Philly dance in our heads

The conference content is all you have dreamed of

In our host city that crackles with brotherly love

Our elves and our agents don’t find it a chore –

We’re fueled by the thrill of the learning in store!

Saint Nick has come early to us at HQ

And filled up our stockings with sessions for you

Ideas and solutions in every track

Outnumber the presents stuffed in old Santa’s sack

Community Mingles and Birds of a Feather

Could warm Scrooge’s heart in the iciest weather

Birds of a Feather and of course, Stop & Share

Will be back at Alliance – we know you’ll be there!

We’re calling all HEUGers, both naughty and good

To join us in Philly – you know that you should!

The Terminal Market and Liberty Bell

Will be settings for all the great stories you’ll tell

Our closing night party will roar like the twenties

With flappers and music and dancing a-plenty

But Early Bird pricing will fly like a sleigh

On January 10th, so register today!

The Early Bird rates are the best deal in town

For Alliance in Philly – don’t let the elves down!

They’re planning a conference so very inspiring

(that beneath their striped onesies, they’re kind of perspiring)

But you know how elves are, especially at HEUG

Not ones to be lazy or rest on the rug

Like double-oh-seven, they’re quick as a wink

(and sometimes are seen with an ice-shaken drink)

And perhaps best of all, they can give everyone

Just the right mix of learning, teamwork and fun

So before settling in to your long winter’s nap

Open that laptop, and give our link a tap

Get the Early Bird pricing on your registration

And get ready for all the great col-lab-or-ation

And you’ll hear us exclaim, ere you log off and smile:

“Happy Holidays all! We’ll see you in a while!”

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