2019 Call for Nominations are Now Open for HEUG Board of Directors

By Steve Hahn posted 10-31-2018 08:45 AM


The opportunity to both lead and serve has come once again for qualified HEUG volunteers, to be a member of a superb professional organization.

Each year, the Board of Directors of the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) elects new members to serve both their home institution and their colleagues globally as current members conclude their terms of service. This year there are open seats for representative groups in the following areas:

  • (2 Board Seats) 2-year Community, Technical, and equivalent international colleges
  • (1 Board Seat) Baccalaureate Granting Colleges and Universities (3yr - 4yr and above)
  • (1 Board Seat) E-Business Suite Representative

The current HEUG Standing Orders call for the Nominations and Elections Committee to identify and recommend qualified candidates to the Board of Directors and recommend the slate of nominees for election by members.  This is done through the nomination process.  Based on this, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall review the nominations, and vet the nominees in an effort to recommend 2-3 candidates in each representative group to the board for placement on the final ballot.

The committee will be searching for eligible candidates with experience in leadership positions that can transfer to representation on a Board of Directors that oversees a Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation with nearly $5,000,000 in annual revenue.

Before you accept a candidacy, keep in mind that if elected, you will be committing a substantial amount of time and energy to your role on this board. The HEUG Board is an active volunteer group where each member is involved directly with many of the functions you have probably participated in over the years.

The time commitment as a first year Board Member is certainly manageable within your current institutional responsibilities. You must be prepared to attend at least two three-day board meetings away from your campus, be actively involved in the Alliance conference, and participate in two monthly conference calls. This is the minimum time commitment. Additionally, you may be expected to participate in committee and advisory group work, sometimes chairing workgroups or working on special projects.

As a member of the HEUG Board, you and your institution will have direct access to decision-makers at Oracle, as well as other executives from HEUG vendor partners. Make sure to submit your nomination before Call for Nominations Closes on December 16, 2018! 

Nominate Now!

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