Better Together

By Mario Berry posted 12-11-2015 09:37 AM


Lone Star College just recently began an awareness and adoption of a cultural impact program for our employees, and one of the core areas is “Better Together”.  This key point also holds true for the HEUG and our members.

I was afforded the opportunity to educate, share, network and partner internationally during my attendance at ADU 2015, held in Gold Coast, Australia and EMEA 2015, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, respectively; and was treated to two wonderful conferences hosted by most gracious hosts, and welcomed by enthusiastic and optimistic attendees.  The amount of energy and cohesion exhibited was remarkable, as each session and conversation highlighted the commonalities, challenges and opportunities shared by all.

It was very refreshing to see how eager attendees were willing to contribute to the successes of others and accept the assistance from others.

Additionally, over the last couple months, I attended the Alliance 2016 Planning Meeting in ‘vibrant’ Seattle, and that group of committed volunteers wowed me with their attention to detail and forward thinking mindsets.  It was truly revealing and inspiring to be allowed to view the inner-workings of a team driven to deliver yet another quality, engaging conference for over 4,000 people.  I must admit, my favorite part was the food tasting, so next year’s attendees can anticipate having their taste buds satisfied for 3 days at least in Seattle March 6-9, 2016.

Lastly, I must also commend your HEUG Board of Directors, as they continue to sacrifice and attend to the needs and demands of guiding and sustaining the interests of all of our members in support of Education and Advocacy.  We recently met over 2-days in Seattle to continue our efforts in ensuring Vision 2016 and our Strategic Plan is carried out.  You will be pleased to know, this group reviewed results from our membership survey, reported on progress of work groups; advisory group elections; financial stability; and anticipated actions for 2016. 

Your board is truly exceptional in their meticulous and focused efforts in dealing with changes within our organization, as well as the changes (There Are Many) within Oracle; all the while maintaining positive attitudes and can-do spirits.  Rest assured the amount of information and communication in support of transparency will only increase going into next year, so hold on tight to your hats!

“Better Together” is truly exemplified within the HEUG, and we can only get better by not fearing change, and addressing challenges head on, while focusing on the future.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and may your new year bring joy to your hearts and smiles to your faces!