Made for Alliance: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

By Archive User posted 05-19-2012 08:45 AM


This week EDUCAUSE held its annual Enterprise IT Leadership conference in Indianapolis. It was the very first time I have visited the city. I am not sure what I expected, but I know I was not expecting Indianapolis to be so cool. That's right. Cool. Who knew?!

If you have attended that past few Alliance conferences, Indianapolis combines some of the best features of the cities we have visited recently. The public art in downtown Indy is reminiscent of Denver. The canal walk reminded me of San Antonio (the fun run this week in Indy was along the canal). The downtown restaurant scene is great: several steak houses and pubs with good local beer. Best of all is that the entire downtown area is walkable and safe, clean and attractive, and never terribly crowded.

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Something else that I loved about Indy was how easy it was. The airport is new and clean and it is a quick trip into downtown. All of the interesting attractions (museums, gardens, theaters, parks, sporting events) are very close to the downtown hotels, to the convention center, and to each other. Indy seems to have been made for Alliance.

I've become an instant fan of Indy. Really. Hope to see you all there at Alliance 2013!





05-21-2012 05:12 PM

Couldn't agree more!

I too was in Indianapolis for the EDUCAUSE event.  I remember Indy from a time many years ago when I lived there for about 6 months...sleep city... but wow, what a changeover.  Downtown is open and dynamic.  There are a huge variety of things to do that fit just about everyone's, museums, food, shopping, food, jogging...did I mention food...tons of restaurants in walking distance to the convention center.  I have a personal interest in American Indian history and right across the street from the JWMarriott is a unique museum of American Indian and Western history that is allied with the Smithsonian (they even had a special exhibit call "steel ponies" that looked at the motorcyle as part of the western culture).  Cool.....Come to alliance and experience what we did...applause to our conference site team...!!

05-21-2012 01:04 PM

I agree!

Ted, I couldn't agree more.  Indianapolis far exceeded my expectations.  It offered all the convenience of close meeting locations, beautiful hotels, as well as a nice set of restaurants, shops and local attractions.  See you in Indy!