Leadership, Partnership, Networking and Communication

By Mario Berry posted 10-14-2016 04:11 AM


Leadership, Partnership, Networking and Communication are essential elements of a successful team and community. 

This week’s EMEA Alliance 2016 has been the perfect example of these values and has set the bar for future conferences.  The Conference and Events Center in Glasgow proved to be a fantastic location for the conference.  With a full programme and one of a kind Social Event at the Tall Ship, EMEA attendees were able to network and discuss the many different perspectives of higher education.

It has once again been a great conference and has demonstrated leadership and partnership with an intentional vision to invite Mark Erickson, ANZ Chair.  Mark greatly enhanced the sharing and communication aspect of the conference by explaining to EMEA leaders how the ANZ supports and leads their members in education and advocacy.  The Executive Forum was an enlightening event that focused on communication between our university, vendor and supplier leaders on the challenges new technologies bring.

Conferences, like EMEA, with high levels of member engagement, and contributions by global volunteers continues to impress and humble me with the acts for the greater good of higher education.  I am excited for upcoming conferences and look forward to participation from the membership in the future.

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