Looking forward, while reflecting back!

By Maureen Knight-Burrell posted 10-23-2015 05:08 AM



The regional season has passed, you planned, executed, and collaborated across the globe. We started the year with the Latin American conference, then we gathered for the US regionals, and the Southern African conference. Now we are in full swing with EMEA, ANZ, and Asia. Also, Oracle Open World in coming up, and various other events to round out the calendar year. Let’s not forget our favorite conference coming up in March 2016; Alliance 2016, pack your bags and get ready to connect, collaborate, and network with your friends, colleagues, and HEUG family.

So, you may have noticed a lot of buzz from the HEUG president, he has been busy getting some crucial communications out to the community, check out his blogs, and his emails, and please take the time to read the communications, they are really important. In addition, he just conducted a very successfully town hall meeting, if you did not make it, the recording is available here.


Speaking of Alliance, voting has ended for the sessions, but there is still much work to be done to make sure the best sessions are selected, and everything goes according to plan in Seattle. Keep your eyes on the upcoming communications, lots happening in the months ahead.

Stay connected!