Member News May 2020 - A Community Built for You!

By Lisa McNeil posted 05-01-2020 10:35 AM


A warm welcome to the 155 people that joined the HEUG so far this month! A lot is happening and as a new member, you might be wondering "what is going on"?!

As the 2019-2020 membership year is coming to a close. We'd like to thank you and your organization for your continued support!  The HEUG has made tremendous strides over the years with the help of its members and we look forward to the opportunity to continue to support the work that you do and provide even more value. 

The HEUG offers two membership types within our organization. Need help in deciding which is right for you?  These two membership types provide access to the benefits of the HEUG for all staff members at your organization at the level of participation chosen. Our membership program also enables the HEUG leadership to continue the industry-leading advocacy, programs, and events that our members enjoy.  See below for a full list of member benefits.


For those institutions that would like full access to the benefits offered by the HEUG community (shown above), we offer our Institutional Membership.

For those institutions that would like limited access to the HEUG community benefits with the ability to add on a-la-carte benefits such as full-price conference registrations, we offer a Subscriber Membership. 

The HEUG membership renewal notices recently went out, so we strongly encourage all members to check your institution's profile to ensure that the name listed under the HEUG Liaison is still the person that should receive the renewal notice to avoid any interruption in your access.

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