Submission Tips from the Program Chair

By Cheri McEntee posted 08-29-2019 08:36 AM

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The Alliance conference team is fully engaged and engrossed in making Alliance 2020 an educational and fun experience for all our attendees. So many of us have a wealth of knowledge and experience from which our colleagues could benefit. If you are inexperienced at speaking, don’t let that hold you back from submitting a session, you have time to practice. Your presentation does not need to be fully formed at this stage. I have listed some tips below to consider when submitting your session proposal. These tips are the items we will be looking at during our evaluation of sessions.

  1. Titles can be cute or clever but it is important that an attendee can easily understand what material will be covered during the session.  
  2. Prepare an outline of your proposed session and include it in your submission. This will help the reviewers better understand what you plan to cover during the session. You will also find it helpful when you start creating your presentation.
  3.  Consider selecting alternative session lengths in your proposal. This gives the reviewers more flexibility in shaping the track and may increase the chances of your submission being selected.
  4. Avoid overuse of acronyms in the title and description of the session if they are not standard for the majority of your intended audience.
  5. Titles and short descriptions are what are displayed first to attendees. It is important to make sure this reflects the core focus of your session. Don’t use the limited text including items that are not directly related to the core of your content.


As you begin creating your PowerPoint, I would like to encourage you take advantage of the 'Best Practices in PowerPoint' webinar recording.