Become a Presenter for HEUG's International Virtual Week 2020!

By Kelly Wilker posted 08-13-2020 08:27 AM



19-22 October 2020


Why you should present at IVW20

Call for Proposals Closes Wednesday, 19 August 2020


By presenting at International Virtual Week 2020 (IVW20) you not only improve your professional development but contribute to the greater good of higher education. If you just presented at Alliance Virtual 2020 your session still provides value and will reach the worldwide HEUG community. Presenting at IVW20 gives you the opportunity to network with others in higher ed, discuss your work, and learn valuable information from people working on similar programs and research.

If you’re nervous about presenting virtually, here are a few tips from Alliance Virtual 2020 Presenter, Sandra Mienczakowski, Head of Academic Processes at University of Nottingham:

  • Check into the session early so you can test that your screen is sharing, and you’ve discussed with your session host and moderator how you will take questions.
  • Make sure you have enough material to fill the session – you won’t have questions until the end of the presentation.
  • If you’re presenting from home don’t just turn off your mobile phones, unplug the landline as well.
  • And above everything else, keep calm and carry on!


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Call for Proposals Closes Wednesday, 19 August 2020

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