Renewed and re-energised?

By Jane Broad posted 04-08-2016 09:42 AM


By tomorrow - 9th April - it will be one whole month since we closed out Alliance '16 in the Emerald City.

For me that month has been a busy one - catching up with the paying day job, but also reflecting on the Advisory Group Summit and the Conference.

At the Summit this year, the Advisory Group members spent alot of time in cross-AG workshop sessions, reviewing, exploring and prioritising the results of the survey you completed.  With 152 submissions this was no small task (and I admit to being a little nervous about the facilitation of such an exercise!) but the Advisory Group members did a spectacular job and came up with around 10 key themes to take to the next stage.  We approached the task much as you would do at your institution: is the topic (or potential development) viable?  is it desirable?  We made an assessment of the ‘mandate’: is there alignment with strategic plan? At institutions? At Oracle?; is there executive buy-in?; What is the level of change – large scale, spanning groups/agencies?; Does it SHIFT OR TRANSFORM  THE ORGANISATION?; does it impact many business processes/IT systems? 

You'll be hearing more from me, and from individual Advisory Groups and/or Strategic Focus Groups over the next few weeks as they start to work on their project plans and engagement strategies for each of these focus areas - building a compelling business case for change.

Please stay tuned, and stay engaged with each other and with the Advisory Groups as we continue to explore, learn, challenge and guide the development of the Oracle systems and technology that support our institutions.  The more engaged you are, the more compelling a business case we can build!

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