HEUG 2019 Annual Report!

By Kelly Wilker posted 02-12-2020 09:49 AM


I'm pleased to share HEUG’s 2019 Annual Report. This report highlights a number of achievements from the past year and their impact on various areas of the organization. 


HEUG is supported by numerous volunteers from Workgroups, Advisory Groups, Conference Planning team, and Board of Directors.  The work that they do is varied, from behind the scenes initiatives to laying the foundation of strategic planning for the future all while engaging our community directly through our membership.  More opportunities to get involved have arrived with the launch of our new Volunteer Module in 2019. 

The report illustrates the importance of our members, partners, and volunteers, while remembering the core values and the mission that HEUG delivers.

I hope you enjoy the report.  Please take time to read the President’s message and the Executive Directors message as well as the financial review of the organization.

Thank you for your support and partnership of the Higher Education User Group.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Annual Business meeting in Philadelphia!