HEUG in the Asia Pacific Region

By Archive User posted 02-28-2011 08:32 AM


This February, HEUG Executive Director Lew Conner and I visited Singapore to follow up on their successful inaugural regional user group event in November and to support the momentum that the community has created. With the National University of Singapore acting as our host, we visited several HEUG member universities in Singapore over a two day period.

The major topics we discussed with each institution we visited were the ways in which HEUG could support them in formalizing their regional community, the benefits of HEUG membership, and their plans to attend future Alliance conferences. While at Alliance in Devnver, the regional group (anchored in Singapore and in Hong Kong) will have a meeting to discuss their community organization and next steps.

This is an exciting time for HEUG. As our global community continues to grow, we have the ability to understand the global higher education and research industry in order to better advocate on its behalf and provide educational opportunities for our members. Many thanks to all of the universities we visited, and especially to our host, the National University of Singapore.

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