2018-2019 HEUG Officers & New President-Elect Announced!

By Jane Broad posted 04-10-2018 07:06 AM


I am pleased to announce that Jason Wenrick from California State University was elected  HEUG President-Elect during the January Board of Director's meeting.  In his first term on the board, Jason took on the Vice President of Community Development role and has effectively led the US regional and international communities during a time of evolution and change.  Jason will serve as the President-Elect & Vice President of Community Development until the Annual Business meeting at the 2019 Alliance Conference where he will then become the HEUG President for a two-year term.

Optimized-Jason Wenrick.jpg

Jason Wenrick,  California State University, HEUG President-Elect

Two appointments were made during the Alliance Board of Directors meeting that included a re-appointment of Criss Laidlaw from Williams College and Kelly Wilker-Draves from the University of Waterloo as the HEUG Canadian Representative.

                                                   Optimized-Kelly Wilker-Draves.jpg

               Criss Laidlaw, Williams College                                     Kelly Wilker-Draves, University of Waterloo

Other officers for the coming year include:

  • Steve Hahn, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Past-President & Vice President Administration
  • Dan Youngblood, Indiana University, Vice President Finance/Treasurer
  • Buddy Combs, Kentucky Comm. & Tech. College System, Vice President of Product
  • Brad Finley, Illinois Central College, Vice President Communications and Membership
  • Terry Houser, University of Michigan, Vice President Technology
  • Mark Erickson,  University of Queensland,  Secretary
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07-28-2018 05:12 PM

Congrats to the new HEUG team

With best wishes to all who take on leadership positions and work for the betterment of HEUG members.  To Jason and the HEUG's new officers, good luck and much success in your new roles.  To our outgoing leaders, many thanks for all you have done in keeping HEUG the vital organization it is.