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International Virtual Week 2021

An event dedicated to the continued education of our international communities. Registered attendees will have the ability to join any sessions in any region during the event. Learn More #International #Collaboration #Networking #IVW21 #EMEA #LatinAmericas #ADU #Asia ...

 10-26-2021 09:00 AM - 10-28-2021 05:00 PM ET

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Save the Date for the HEUG's International Virtual Week 2020!

INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL WEEK 2020 Save the Date 19-22 October 2020 With the rapidly changing and uncertain work landscape, the importance of networking and professional development remains as critical as ever. While nothing will ever replace face-to-face interactions,...

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Latin America Alliance 2020 - Session List Now Available!

Check Out the Session List! Latin America Alliance 2020 is just around the corner. See what's in store and start your planning today! Session Highlights: HCM 360: How Adaptive Intelligence is Changing the Game in HCM (Oracle) A Practical Guide to AI, Machine Learning, and Data...

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Latin America Alliance 2020 - Registration Reminder

Skip the Hassle, Register Today! Save your spot and skip the hassle of waiting in line to register onsite. Register ahead of time online for an easy and stress-free experience. We have lots in store for YOU at Latin America Alliance 2020. Come take advantage of this 2-day power...

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Last Call for Proposals!

Last Call for Proposals! Today, Friday, 29 November, is the last day to submit your session for Latin America Alliance 2020. To submit your session proposal, all you need is the topic and a comprehensive description of what you intend to present. Don't have a full hour presentation?...

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Latin America Alliance 2020 - Registration is Open!

Register Today! Why do you want to attend Latin America Alliance 2020? This annual conference is one of the key Higher Education user conferences in the region, providing a forum for sharing of information and experiences on the adoption and effective use of information systems...

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Latin America Alliance 2020 - Save the Date

Save the Date When: 6-7 February 2020 Where: Mexico - Universidad Panamericana Why: The conference is user-driven and packed with technical and functional sessions that are based on the core information system applications and tools we utilize in our day-to-day work. Attendees...

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Latin America Alliance 2018- Call for Proposals Closes TODAY!

Ultima Oportunidad para Enviar su Propuesta Si usted tiene una idea para una sesión, pero no ha desarrollado completamente el concepto de la sesión entero, por favor envíe una propuesta con la información que usted tiene listo. Una copia de la presentación completa será solicitada después de...

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Latin America Alliance 2018- Call for Proposals is EXTENDED!

Todavía hay tiempo para enviar su propuesta! Solo quedan pocos días para enviar una propuesta para la conferencia de Alianza América Latina 2018. Enviando una propuesta es fácil y solo toma 30 minutos. Si usted es seleccionado para ser un presentador, se le garantiza un registro gratuito! Si...

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Early Bird Registration Extended for LAHEUG 2017!

Early Bird Registration Closes Today! Early Bird registration rates have been reduced to $100 and early bird registration has been extended! Make sure to register today to receive the discounted rate! Register Now Session Highlights! We have an outstanding program planned for...