A Message from the Financial Aid Chair

By Ashley Bergemann posted 10-03-2018 11:06 AM


October begins a busy season - both within the HEUG community and our own Financial Aid offices.

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Advisory Group Elections – Advisory group elections begin on October 8th and end on October 19th. Anyone who was subscribed to the FA.PS or FA.INTL lists by September 28th is eligible to vote.

  • We have two (2) positions to fill.  You are able and encouraged, to participate by casting two votes.
  • We hope to maintain institutional diversity in the makeup of the group. To assist with this, we ask that you consider casting one or more of your FOUR votes for a nominee from:
        • a smaller institution
        • an institution outside the US
        • a Community College

If you were subscribed to other advisory group lists prior to the September 28th deadline, you may participate in those elections as well. The number of votes and positions vary by advisory group.

Sessions for Alliance ’19 – Voting for Alliance sessions will begin shortly!

  • Even if you are not certain whether you will be able to attend...or even if you are certain you will not be able to attend…please vote! Particularly good sessions are frequently reprised as a HEUG Education Series Webinar.
  • Look through the sessions submitted for more than "just" the Financial Aid Track, there are a lot of sessions offered in other tracks that you will find quite interesting and helpful.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

As you begin loading ISIRs and maybe even begin awarding students for the 2020 aid year, remember the community is here for you. To help you through pain points, to share ideas, to build solutions. Help your friends by sharing any bugs that you’ve reported. This will help the FA community, the advisory group, and Oracle to know the impact of such events and will facilitate our advocacy on resolving those issues. Remember there is always the Product Enhancement Tracker (PETs) in which you may vote on enhancement requests submitted by the FA community or add an enhancement you would like to see.

The last item I want to bring attention to is the two webinars we are sponsoring in the next month covering loan repackaging (Hey! Sequestration is still happening?!) and checklist assignment.. You can find upcoming and archived Education Series under Files > Education Series.

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