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Campus Solutions Announcements

By Ashley Bergemann posted 09-11-2019 09:37 AM


Feel like you're always behind on Campus Solutions releases?  We would like to share with you the Announcements subspace for Campus Solutions - PeopleSoft. This subspace is a one-way communication between Oracle and you. Announcements on bundle releases and PRPs will be sent directly from Oracle to your email inbox! Never miss a release announcement again! This subspace was created to provide a more streamlined approach to keep all members apprised of Campus Solutions happenings. If you are not allowed to have access to My Oracle Support (MOS) - this is the perfect feature for you! How do you get started?

1) Bookmark this URL:

2) Click Follow on the top right corner

3) Click the box next to Inbox to get all announcements emailed directly to you

4) Click Done

5) Be happy in knowing that you will receive email notifications when Bundle/PUM/PRP releases are ready



Campus Solutions Release 9.0 Support

Premiere Support ends on December 31, 2019 for 9.0 customers who have not purchased extended support. See KM document 2500545.1 for more information on extended support.

9.0 Enhancement requests that are not in progress will need to be re-opened for the 9.2 release if the enhancement is still needed. Check your service requests and enhancement requests to see if you have any 9.0 requests that need to be opened for 9.2.

Campus Mobile/Fluid/Classic

Campus Mobile will end support in October 2020 due to the uptake of fluid pages available in CS 9.2.

You may have heard that Classic navigation is going to be de-supported in PeopleTools 8.58. To clarify - Fluid has become the default mode for the user interface, but that does not mean that Classic and Classic Plus pages are disappearing. A number of Classic pages will stay classic forever. What this does mean is that the navigation used to get to All pages (classic and fluid) will be through Fluid navigation methods like Tiles, Home Pages, Navigation Collections, etc. Take a look at this blog for a complete update.


Is your institution exploring Chatbots? PeopleTools 8.57.07 introduced a framework to support chatbot functionality. To find out more, take a look at this link as well as this blog