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COD Schema Changes for 2021

By Ashley Bergemann posted 02-12-2020 12:00 PM


 Lots of fun stuff happening in Financial Aid! Have you taken a whirl on the upgraded(?) IFAP? Who knew it could get harder to search for things? If you've been looking, you may have noticed that ED has not released an updated 20-21 COD Tech Ref as they typically do around this time. The November tech ref did not include the file layout for the new CRIBYYOP message class. I'm wondering if COD is really prepared for the rollout of the Informed Borrower requirements. Anyway, these are just interesting tid-bits, not meant to cause concern, but made me think. I want to assure you Oracle is working on the requirements for 20-21 COD (4.0d schema and Informed Borrower) and they are on track for a late March release. Much like how Credit Counseling works, you can expect that the implementation from Oracle will hold disbursement for those loans that do not have IBC = 'T'. Also like Credit Counseling, I would expect files may get loaded out of order or COD getting confused that this was completed so there will most likely be the ability to update this field. What about CIP codes you ask? If you are following Doc ID: 2619551.1, CIP Code updates will not be updated through Oracle until PUM17 due out in April, which may mean they will be applied to your system later than you want or need to originate loans for the 20-21 year. What I plan on doing is seeing if any of the CIP codes we use are affected. Then work with the Registrar's Office to update those CIP codes impacted. To be honest, I am still confused how this all works together or the impact of manually updating a CIP. Asking Global Support may be in my future to verify the impact of this. For now, I plan on testing the new schema when released and making sure it is pulling a CIP code. I'm planning on seeing if we have any updated or deleted or new CIP codes that we need to use and then the Registrar's Office may be updating the 2020 CIP codes before the release.