Admissions Advisory Group (AD – AG) – Who we are and what we do

By Colleen Curran posted 11-01-2019 09:46 AM



Hello Admissions Community!  

Admissions is HEUG’s community spotlight for this month and we thought we would start things off by introducing ourselves – your Admissions Advisory Group 


Who we are: 

We are a group of members affiliated with HEUG who represent and support the Admissions Community and act in an advisory capacity to the Oracle Admissions development team. Current advisory group members have a wealth of admissions expertise: both related to PeopleSoft functionality and admissions process.  We come from active member institutions and we aim to have representation globally and from different types of post-secondary institutions to best represent our community: you.  

Current Admissions AG members are: 

  • Dorothy Chapman, Chair/Communications
    University of Waterloo
  • Brenda Curry-White, Vice Chair/Survey Coordinator/Enhancement Tracker
    University of Louisville
  • Adam Stout, Track Chair
    Marquette University
  • Jennifer de Roaldes, Assistant Track Chair/Training
    University of Calgary
  • Enoch Woo, Listserv/Forum Monitor
    California State University Chancellor’s Office
  • Colleen Curran, Librarian/Communications
    Nova Scotia Community College


What we do: 

The Admissions track includes the recruitment of prospects through to an applicant being matriculated. Through various channels, including the Admissions forum and surveys, we pay attention to challenges and opportunities and advocate to Oracle on behalf of the community about matters of current interest and future initiatives.  

Advisory Group members, along with our HEUG Board Liaisons, meet virtually each month as well as once in person just before the Alliance Conference each year. We discuss many things including current challenges and opportunities, trends on the forums, track planning for the conference, information and updates provided by HEUG, prioritizing key initiatives, and more. These meetings also include representatives from Oracle who want to know what is important to our community. 

We want to effectively communicate with the Admissions Community and encourage everyone to share ideas, information, issues and needs related to admissions.  One of the ways you can do this is by posting to the Admissions Forum here: HEUG Online: Forums: Admissions . Our next blog this month will include some tips on how you can use the forum and subscribe to posts. 

For more information about what advisory groups do, please see the About the Advisory Groups page.  

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