September 2016 Newsletter

By Deanne Wright posted 09-08-2016 06:27 AM


Academic Advising

Advisory Group Newsletter

September 2016


Advisory Group Nominations Part I – Have you thought about volunteering?

Interested in joining a HEUG Advisory Group? Wondering what they do?

Advisory Group volunteers work to gather and disseminate information about product features, problems and improvement opportunities through the AA listserv/forum, Product Enhancement Tracker, polls and surveys, or direct communication with other users. They funnel feedback from the community to Oracle product strategists and developers. They also administer and co-ordinate their Alliance Conference Tracks to bring you the best, most relevant presentations possible each year. 

Volunteers commit to participation in monthly conference calls, as well as a two-day, in-person Summit prior to each annual Alliance Conference. They may work on beta-testing, provide feedback on new and proposed functionality, and assist in writing white papers on issues of importance to the whole community.

What’s in it for you? 

You’ll get to work with a great bunch of people from a variety of institutions across the globe.  You’ll get to share your expertise with the broader community, and with Oracle, shaping the direction of product development. You’ll gain insight into the larger strategic thinking that goes into product development, and gain a greater appreciation for the value of cross-functional working teams. You’ll learn … a lot! And you’ll feel good knowing your efforts are making things better for administrators and, ultimately, for students of institutions around the world.

You can read everything you wanted to know about Advisory Groups and the Elections Process by clicking here to go the HEUG Advisory Group main page. You’ll find out who the current members are, their terms, and more about the election process. You’ll also find a link to the AG Charter.



Advisory Group Nominations Part II - Sounds good! How does it work?

Nominations are now open for all 17 HEUG Advisory Groups until September 26, 2016.  The Academic Advisory Group has one seat open which will begin a three-year term starting in 2017.

To be eligible for nomination, your institution must be a HEUG Institutional or System member.  Check “My Group” in the “My Options” dropdown on the upper right side of any HEUG.Online page.

You’ll find the online nomination form here.  Submit by September 26, 2016.

Once nominations close, they will be reviewed by the AG and the HEUG Nominations and Elections Committee who will prepare the slate of candidates to be voted for by the community.  Voters MUST have been subscribed by October 9, 2016 to the appropriate HEUG listserv/forum for which they wish to vote.



What’s new from Oracle

Video Learning resources:

Oracle’s YouTube Channel has a variety of videos providing an overview of the Fluid User Interface in Campus Solutions 9.2.    Visit for more information, and be sure to check out the videos featuring Transitioning to PeopleSoft Fluid Navigation in Campus Solutions 9.2 and Advising Notes Overview.

Demonstration Flow Documentation:

Starting with CS 9.2 Update Image 2, there are demo flows you can use in your own demo environment to get a hands-on experience of new features and functionality. Search My Oracle Support for Document ID 2117001.2 for all the CS Update Image Documentation, including the new Demonstration Flow Documentation.



LEARN MORE – Upcoming Education Series Webinars

Check out what’s on offer from the HEUG Education Series regular offerings.  Click here to see the latest schedule.



EVENTS – Upcoming conferences

Many regional and international conferences are coming up!

SEARUG coming to Durham, North Carolina October 3-4, 2016

EMEA takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, UK October 11-12, 2016

MIDHEUG coming to Waukesha, Wisconsin October 17-18, 2016

Alliance Down Under will take place in Gold Coast, QLD, Australia November 9-11, 2016

Asia Alliance will be in Singapore November 14-15, 2016

Arab Alliance will be in Abu Dhabi, UAE November 15-16

And of course, get ready for Viva Las Vegas! Alliance 2017.  Get your proposal in by October 7, 2016!




Keep up on what’s happening in our community! Be sure to check out the AA Blog, the AA Forum (a.k.a. listserv) and the Product Enhancement Tracker.