Student Records Advisory Group nominations are open!

By Denise Kelly posted 08-30-2019 08:56 AM


Hello Student Records Forum,

Advisory Group nominations are open and this year the Student Records (SR) Advisory Group are looking for 2 new members to join our dynamic team.

We are looking for active members, both domestic and international, who are willing to apply their in-depth knowledge of Student Records to:

  • Facilitate communication about specific product features, problems, and opportunities;
  • Solicit feedback from the user community, synthesize that feedback, and convey it to Oracle product strategists and developers;
  • Advocate to Oracle, on behalf of the user community, for enhancements, new functionality, and resolutions to problems;
  • Administer the relevant track(s) at the annual Alliance conference (i.e., soliciting, evaluating and selecting proposals, scheduling sessions, collecting feedback, etc.).

A desirable candidate will have extensive experience with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Student Records modules, and not be afraid to voice their opinions.  By becoming part of the team, you will be given the opportunity to serve the global membership of the HEUG by sharing your experience and expertise. 

Your commitment will include monthly conference calls, an annual two-day Summit preceding the Alliance Conference, and other assignments to support the work of the Advisory Groups.

Join our team and you will ultimately enhance your own professional development and skills set.  You will also increase your networking abilities that will stretch far beyond your current region, and above all you will certainly enjoy the participation in a Group that works hard while appreciating the collaboration and varying experience from all its members.

Closing date for applications is 13 September 2019, and of course all members of the SR Advisory Group would be happy to answer any questions you may have (

For more information about the Advisory Groups and the election process, please see the link below.

Good luck!

SR Advisory Group