FA PAG News Notes Volume 1, 18 October, 2017: Your Participation is Requested

By Jessica Holler posted 01-24-2018 08:54 AM


Advisory Group Elections – As you know from Buddy Combs’ recent email, elections for the 2018 Advisory Groups are now open.  Elections remain open until November 1, 2017.  Please participate by reading the bios and voting HERE.


  • Here are somethings your current FA-PAG would like you all to keep in mind:
    • For the FA-PAG in particular –
      • We have FOUR (4) positions to fill.  You are able and encouraged, to participate by casting four
      • Anyone who was subscribed to the FA.PS or FA.INTL lists by October 13, 2017 is eligible to vote.*
      • We hope to maintain “institutional” diversity in the makeup of the group.  In order to assist with this, we ask that you consider casting one or more of your FOUR votes for a nominee from:
        • a smaller institution
        • an institution outside the US
        • a Community College
      • To read your FA-PAG’s previous email about Advisory Group Nominations, please click here.
    • For other Advisory Groups –
      • If you were subscribed to additional lists by October 13, 2017 please participate by voting for those Advisory Groups as well.*
      • You are able and encouraged to cast as many votes as there are positions open…it varies by Advisory Group.
      • We all know that financial aid depends upon every other area in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, so let’s make our collective voice heard there as well!


Please participate by reading the bios and voting for the 2018 Advisory Groups HERE.



Sessions for Alliance ’18 – Please Participate by VOTING for the Sessions you would like to see presented at Alliance ’18.


General Membership Session Voting is scheduled to open Monday, October 23, 2017.  Please make some time to read through the session submissions and vote for the sessions you would most like to attend in Salt Lake City.  Even if you are not certain whether you will be able to attend...or even if you are certain you will not be able to attend…please vote!  Particularly good sessions are frequently reprised as a HEUG Education Series Webinar.


Thank you in advance for your participation!