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Expressing Gratitude to Our Volunteers!

By Kelly Wilker posted 04-20-2023 11:18 AM


April is National Volunteer Month, and today, April 20th, we celebrate National Volunteer Day! We take this opportunity to honor and recognize the invaluable contributions made by our HEUG Volunteers – individuals who embody the spirit of commitment, dedication, generosity, and selflessness that is integral to our non-profit organization.

As a volunteer-driven community, we understand and appreciate the value that our volunteers bring to the table. We know that their time and expertise are worth their weight in gold, and their contributions do not go unnoticed. Together, we work towards creating a strong, interconnected, and vibrant Higher Education community that our members worldwide can rely on.

Volunteering has brought together people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, providing us with an inclusive community, something that we strive for at HEUG! We are fortunate to have over 200 volunteers who enable us to achieve our goals, and we are proud to be a volunteer-driven organization.

Thanks to our volunteers' dedication, the HEUG continues to support our thousands of members worldwide, engage in numerous communities and listservs to provide product expertise, offer a wide variety of educational webinars and resources to suit an inclusive organization, and make the HEUG the number one platform for Higher Education users, as a one-stop-shop.

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for our volunteers' passion, service, and dedication not only today but throughout the year. If you would like to join our community of volunteers and make a difference, please visit our volunteer opportunities page at https://www.heug.org/engagement/volunteering.


Kelly Wilker, HEUG VP of Education & Engagement