Finding Learning Opportunities Using the HEUG Calendars

By Kristin Krowiorz posted 10-25-2019 07:56 AM


Many of us keep calendars to help remind us of important dates.  Are you using the HEUG’s calendars to keep track of future learning opportunities?  The HEUG’s Community Calendars and E-Academy Calendars are useful tools to help you learn about a broad selection of webinars.  The E-Academy Calendar is divided into two series, the Product Series and the Partner Series. 


Community Calendars

Each product area community has its own calendar to help promote events that are either sponsored by an advisory group, or that the group believes are of interest to the community.  The calendars are located on the community's page (do not forget to favorite the community while you are there).  You can also find a direct link to the Campus Community calendar here.  Be sure to check out the calendars from the rest of the communities, too.


E-Academy: Product Series Calendar

The Product Series often features past Alliance and regional conference presenters.  Topics include product features, trainings, and demonstrations.  In many cases, participants have the opportunity to ask the presenter questions.  You can find the Product Series calendar here.


E-Academy: Partner Series Calendar

The Partner Series is a great resource for members to learn from the HEUG’s vendor and strategic partners.  For example, HEUG members can register for Quest webinars through the Partner Series calendar.  The sessions are not designed to sell you a product or service, but rather to share information with you.  You can find the Partner Series Calendar here.


What would you like to see on the calendars?

Is there a topic you would like to see presented as a webinar from the Campus Community Advisory Group?  Would you like to help others learn by sharing what you know in a webinar? In either case, please let us know via this short survey. We are always happy to hear from you!