Reasons to Attend Alliance!

By Nancy Fawver posted 02-06-2020 11:06 AM


Looking for reasons to attend Alliance? Here are several reasons why your colleagues like to attend the Alliance Conference. We would love to see you in Philadelphia!

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Nancy Umphres - California State University Chancellor's Office

I have always found the networking to be as invaluable as the sessions. Of course attending sessions of interest provides knowledge, but following up with presenters and/or audience members provides useful contacts later.

David Donnelly - University of Newcastle

As an international member of the Higher Education User Group, I love attending Alliance to see how other institutions from across the world are attacking similar business and system problems. There are always valuable insights on offer which I can use in shaping approaches to issues when I get home.

Carolien ten Oever - University of Amsterdam

There is the opportunity to get involved in the development of new products, discuss problems directly with developers and experienced users, and learn and get new ideas from colleagues from all over the world.

Tiffany Wendt – Texas Christian University

I love alliance because in just a couple of days I can gain knowledge that helps with many aspects of my job.  How often are we able to get together in a room with subject matter experts and brainstorm until we can find a solution to a problem that we have struggled with for months?

Deanne Wright - Ryerson University

What I get out of Alliance:

  1. Get to see functionality I am unfamiliar with, whether existing or upcoming
  2. Get to problem solve with colleagues and Oracle folks
  3. Gain some perspective: realize that maybe I know more than I thought I did. Also get a feel for the massive scope of the Oracle/PS world.
  4. Seeing familiar faces and developing some contacts from whom I can ask for help when I run into trouble in future.
  5. Always come back with some ideas for how we might look at our business processes in a different way, or how we might apply the technology to solve problems.

Phil Sugden - University of Derby

I think that Alliance is valuable because you get the opportunity to meet new people who have the same problems as you but are willing to share their solutions (or their pain!). You’ll also find that the people you meet are willing to talk with you for 52 weeks a year, not just for those 3 days – and they will often become good friends!

Amy Guthrie - Case Western Reserve University

I am always (delightfully) surprised by people's creative solutions - modification or not. It prompts me to think about problems (and potential solutions) differently.

Kelly Wilker – University of Waterloo

A big reason I like going to Alliance is that I get to meet like-minded people and peers.  As I build my professional network, Alliance/Regional/International conferences can become a good place for meeting new people in my field along with connecting with ones I haven’t connected with in a while. 

Nancy Fawver – George Fox University

I come away from every Alliance with at least one innovative idea to try back home.  Usually something presented will trigger a big idea.  Seeing how someone else has used the delivered functionality in their business processes can inform new ways to utilize PeopleSoft differently.  Often these ideas have ended up saving our offices time and resources recouping the cost of attendance.

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