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Introducing the Alliance 2023 Taskforce

By Renee Riley posted 05-11-2022 12:45 PM


Join us in congratulating the newly appointed Alliance 2023 Taskforce!

The Alliance Taskforce will play an important role in supporting the Program Team with evaluating and analyzing strategies to solicit and recommend Alliance session proposals.

Name Institution Role

Renee Riley

University of Missouri System

Alliance Program Chair

Brad Carlson

University of Minnesota

Alliance Sr. Program Assistant

Gina Fogelsonger

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alliance Jr. Program Assistant

Cheri McEntee

Syracuse University

Alliance Past Program Chair

William Culey

University of Texas Austin

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Anna Kourouniotis

Duke University

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Jennifer Zabel

University of Wisconsin Parkside

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Danny Ramirez

Florida International University

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

John Sauceda

Moody Bible Institute

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Maureen Knight-Burrell

Northwestern University

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Devlin Seymour

University of California Santa Barbara

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Mikki Hall

University of Florida

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Dorothy Chapman

University of Waterloo

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Melissa Borchardt

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Robert Kubat

Penn State University

Taskforce Member/Reviewer

Carolien ten Oever

University of Amsterdam

Global Council Liaison

Rina Kumar

The Pennsylvania State University

Workday Liaison

Joy Hatch

Fairmont State University

Ellucian Liaison

Brooke Barton

Boise State University

Oracle Liaison

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05-12-2022 10:35 AM

Congratulations to all. I know Renee and the whole team will deliver a great Alliance 2023 conference!