January 2019 Newsletter

By Tamara Foster posted 01-02-2019 06:42 PM


Notes and News

2018 in Review

Happy New Year! As we begin a new year we want to thank everyone who contributed to the forums with questions and solutions, the many who presented at our main Alliance conference, the regional and international conferences as well as our blog and webinar contributors.

For those who are presenting at Alliance 2019, please remember to complete or updates your Profile information and register for the conference before January 11, 2019. We also want to encourage everyone coming to Alliance 2019 to sign up for your sessions early to help us schedule each session in the right sized room.

The Technical and Reporting Advisory Group (TRAG) began 2018 with a merger of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the Reporting and Business Intelligence Advisory group (RBI) and we all agree that our groups have greatly benefitted from the merger. If that wasn't enough, we welcomed a mini-TRAG member in early December. Congratulations to Anna Kourouniotis and her husband on the birth of their son.

TRAG Accomplishments in 2018

We posted our Goals and Objectives at

We created a Meet the TRAG page at

We merged and redesigned our landing pages and our files, we posted blogs, we conducted several surveys on topics such as Cloud, Integrations, and the upgrade, we monitored the forums, we tweeted, and we now provide three (3) tracks for Alliance. We are also actively working to have representation at Regional and International conferences. The TRAG was the featured advisory group in August 2018 and our goal was to raise awareness of our home page, the forums and our Community pages. We saw many new subscribers both to our landing page and the forums.

We are always thankful for all our members who volunteer countless hours to present and to offer solutions on the forums. As we look at our work every year we are reminded that all of our work is about sharing knowledge to and between our HEUG Communities so that we are all informed of new tools, features and issues.

If you have a blog or webinar you want to share with the community and it fits into the goals of the TRAG, you are always welcome to contact one of us and we will work with you, or if there is a topic you want us to address, we welcome your suggestions for that as well. You can find out who does what by visiting our Meet the TRAG page. For those who will attend Alliance 2019, we hope you will come and meet with us in person at our Community Mingle on Sunday, March 3 at 3:30 PM.

News from Oracle

The PeopleTools team delivered many first in 2018. PeopleTools 8.57 was the first version to be delivered in the Cloud first. We eagerly anticipate the delivery of the on-premise version with the January 2019 CPU. To find more information, visit Oracle's PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.57 Home Page (Doc ID 2433119.2).

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 8 for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Home Page (Doc ID 2231255.2)

The most recent Spotlight video on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager features Image 8
Elasticsearch Home Page (Doc ID 2205540.2)

As everyone should be aware of now, support for SES ended in April 2018 and Elasticsearch is now the only supported search engine for PeopleSoft.

While we all welcomed Elasticsearch 6.1.2 being delivered with PeopleTools 8.57, the PeopleTools team again showed us how agile they are in backporting this version to PeopleTools 8.56.12 and 8.55.26 as well. These two versions give us a choice between Elasticsearch 2.3.2 and 6.1.2, but PeopleTools 8.57 requires version 6.1.2. However, "Customers using Elasticsearch 2.3.2 on 8.55 and 8.56 are strongly advised to upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.1.2 before October 2019. Elasticsearch 2.3.2 will not be supported after October 11, 2019" (Elasticsearch Home Page (Doc ID 2205540.2))

The PeopleTools team has produced great documentation and videos of all that has been delivered in 2018 and you can get to all of it from the page. Checking this page regularly and following links to the PeopleTools blog and the Spotlight series is a great way to stay informed.

Blogs and Webinars


Where do I start? Thoughts on the future skills needed for data and analytics professionals. by Ingrid Nuttal on December 17, 2018

Cloud Blogging #101 by Anna Kourouniotis on October 29, 2018

Data Governance Success Story: An interview with Carmen McKenzie by Anna Kourouniotis on October 25, 2018

Education Series (Webinars)

12.6.18 Oracle Critical Patch Update - Summary and Breakdown

11.7.18 PeopleTools Technology Roadmap

10.3.18 Lifecycle Management Tools: Data Migration Workbench


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