Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region

By Mario Berry posted 11-17-2016 05:09 AM


My first visit to Asia as part of the HEUG Board has been an eye-opening experience.  The level of diversity, attention to detail and focus on transforming educational outcomes has been inspiring.

The leadership of the Executive Council, composed of Jaime Caro, Phyllis Yew, Yen Teck Kong and Derry Fong, and the Asia Alliance Conference team enabled our participants to explore possibilities of future successes through intentional preparation for digitalization and data-driven decision making.

Furthermore, this conference highlighted that each individual must be aware and empowered to impart change at all levels within an organization.  Opportunities to change history are infinite with the rapid speed, creation and adoption of technology. 

The passion to challenge the status quo, and be the leaders of change is evident by the directions and actions taken by the National University of Singapore, the Singapore Institute of Management & Singapore Management University, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and the University of Philippines.

I am always appreciative of the insights, thoughts and sharing that takes place within a region.  I am looking forward to witnessing the realization of the many plans in place to transform higher education in the Asia Pacific Region.