Challenge, Connect, Create!

By Mario Berry posted 05-22-2015 08:57 AM


As I reflect on Alliance 2015, which took place 2 months ago, I cannot help but think how the theme of this great conference set the foundation for the many things to come this year.

 mario pic.png

The HEUG is a very large and diverse community, whereby we often connect locally, regionally, internationally; as well as socially to create this great world of sharing with each other.

There is much creativity for us to explore, as we face our historic challenges, and prepare for challenges of the unknown. The unknown can be very frightening, and create undue pressures; yet planning and focus often leads to wonderful possibilities.

Our possibilities to embrace change, are only out-weighed by our actions to lead through change. As we continue to connect at our upcoming regional and international conferences, and see and hear about creative ways to do things; I challenge everyone to think about how they can actively lead changes to minimize the challenges ahead.