HEUG President Town Hall Meeting

By Mario Berry posted 10-12-2015 05:08 AM

Higher Education User Group

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Higher Education User Group Board of Directors you are invited to attend a Town Hall Meeting scheduled for October 14, 2015 at 2:00pm EST.  This meeting will provide an introduction to forthcoming changes, objectives and goals for the Higher Education User Group.  HEUG President, Mario Berry will outline the following:

  • HEUG Vision for 2016 and Beyond
  • Strategic Plan & Core Objectives
  • HEUG Value Statement
  • Goals
  • Work Groups
  • Advisory Groups & Elections

The Town Hall meeting will lay the foundation needed to successfully navigate through these impending changes, and your attendance is strongly encouraged.

Please click here to register for the Town Hall Meeting. 


Mario Berry
HEUG President
Associate Vice Chancellor, Lone Star College

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10-15-2015 08:33 PM

Timing of Town Hall Meeting

Hello Mario

I’ve just listened to the recording of your presentation - thanks for your efforts.  You spoke well and provided plenty of important information, but it was frustrating being unable to ask any questions.  I suggest some mechanism does need to be put in place to address the issue of time zone spread, eg your call was at 4am local time for me in Australia, 2am for Singapore, 6am for New Zealand, etc.  Ideally the presentation should be done twice to allow global coverage at ‘civilised’ times.  If this isn’t possible, perhaps the opportunity/facility for ‘write in’ questions arising from viewing the recording would at least partially address the issue.  This could be done via a blog and comments, although many of our members don't seem comfortable with the blog comment process.


Ian Holmes