HEUG Board of Directors Election Results (Term 2016-2019)

By Lew Conner posted 02-11-2016 01:22 PM


The elections for the for the HEUG Board of Directors (Term 2016-2019) closed February 8.  The HEUG Board of Directors wishes to thank all of the volunteers who were willing to spend the time and energy it takes to help run this organization.  The candidates who were elected are:

Buddy Combs, Kentucky Comm. & Tech. College System - Two Year College & Technical Schools Representative
Nanci Regehr, Maricopa Community College District, Rio Salado College - Two Year College & Technical Schools Representative
Maureen Knight-Burrell, Northwestern University - 4 year and above Represenative
Lisa Skinner - Stanford University - EBS Represenative
Mark Erickson, The Australian National University - ANZ HEUG Representative

Please join me in congratulating these new board members and in thanking all of those who were on the ballot!