Membership Has Its Privileges!

By Brad Finley posted 05-27-2016 08:04 AM


“Membership has its privileges” is an advertising slogan made famous by American Express starting back in 1987. You may remember some of the commercials full of expensive things, exotic vacations, etc. The commercials would always end with the slogan “Membership has its privileges.” The implication, of course, was certain things were available only through the use of the American Express credit card. So if you wanted to get in on all the rewards, you had to be a “member.”

You probably know what I’m going to say, HEUG membership has its “privileges” too. Unlike American Express our primary benefits are Education and Advocacy.  You cannot put a price tag on the value of the vast body of knowledge membership in this organization gives you.

Several weeks ago membership invoices were sent out to the primary contact listed on HEUG online.  The deadline of July 1st is rapidly approaching.  Do you know if your organization has renewed its membership?

There are a lot of groups working on several different projects focused on ways to enhance the Education and Advocacy mission of our organization.  Soon our International and U.S. Regional conferences will begin, planning is already underway for Alliance 2017 in Las Vegas, and Advisory Groups are hard at work putting together information they think will help you. 

 Stay connected by logging into HEUG online.  Membership truly does have privileges.​