Alliance 2017 - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!

By Jane Baratta posted 08-10-2016 10:11 AM


Hard to believe that it’s August already and fall is just around the corner for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. If it’s late summer then it must be time to get your submissions ready for Alliance 2017! Don’t wait until the last minute – a thoughtful, well-crafted submission is more likely to be favourably considered. If you are rushing to complete your submission on the final day you may miss something and that may disadvantage you when the session is reviewed. This year we are definitely hoping for a record number of submissions from outside of the US. Topics such as Program Enrollment have been brought into our consciousness by our European colleagues. There is much to be learned from all our membership and the willingness to share with one another is something to be cherished.

Last year we introduced a new Advisory Group (Project and Change Management) and 2 new tracks – New Products & Technology and Innovations). Many institutions are considering their options when it comes to adopting cloud technology and are looking to the HEUG as a source for information and as a response we are introducing a Cloud Track. We expect a good mix of Oracle, vendor and member sessions in this track.

To submit your session proposal click here. You don’t have to have the entire presentation figured out but you do need to ensure that the description contains enough information for people to understand what the intent and the potential content of the submission is.

This month’s fun fact is: The iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was designed by Betty Willis in 1959. In an interview, Betty once said, “Most people are surprised when they find out a woman designed the sign. It was a man’s business back then. It wasn’t a woman’s field because when you work with neon signs, you have to not only design them, but you have to learn the nuts and bolts of how neon, light and electricity work. You have to learn about pressure points and weight and wattage of lamps. You work with engineers as well as artists. Most women back then weren’t interested in such technical stuff.”

Vegas Starts Here!

Jane Baratta
Alliance 2017 Conference Chair