Potential Webinar Opportunity during the Southern African (SA) HEUG Conference

By Erica Zuniga posted 05-22-2015 08:15 AM


As you may know, the Southern African (SA) HEUG conference,, is taking place this coming July 14 and 15th. We have been in contact with the program chair of the conference and there has been interest in potentially setting up a HRMS track webinar that could be conducted during the conference itself. The idea would be for a handful of representatives who can’t attend this conference in person to participate in this webinar to share ideas and information with those participants at the SA HEUG.


The Southern African HEUG is particular interested in hearing from institutions regarding topics of performance management and recruiting. They are interested in Taleo, the HR Helpdesk, and functionally around onboarding, exit management and workplace planning. Members of the SA HEUG would in turn be able to speak to their experiences around self-service functionality, activity guides for business processes, automation of many routine business processes, decentralising high volume routine appointments using template hires, integration into other campus systems, and the use of pivot grids for HR metrics as well as some uniquely University of Pretoria (UP) customisations.


Please email Elizabeth Earl ( ) or Teri Thorsen ( if you are interesting in collaborating in this unique opportunity. Please indicate which topic(s) to which you could contribute. We are hoping for each topic to last about 10-15 minutes each.


Thanks! HRMS PAG