Introducing the newly incorporated HEUG Global Council

By Kelly Wilker posted 09-09-2019 07:07 AM


The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) continues to strive to assist its member institutions around the world through education and advocacy.  

Continuing this effort, the HEUG has recently approved the creation of a new structure - referred to as the GLOBAL COUNCIL.  This new structure recognizes that due to the significant concentration of HEUG members in the USA, the needs and views of non-USA based HEUG member institutions sometimes fails to receive the desired profile or attention.  

This Global Council – which structure will report into the HEUG Board - is committed to providing non-USA based HEUG member institutions a coordinating platform to share their perspectives, ideas, regional opportunities, issues and concerns regarding their primary information system partners with both the global HEUG Board as well the broader HEUG community.    

The GLOBAL COUNCIL will strive to represent the global HEUG membership through:

  • Allowing for a stronger unified voice for HEUG members from outside the USA,
  • Providing a broad and diverse multi-regional perspective to the HEUG Board
  • Facilitating the sharing of ideas for advocacy on continuous improvement and future direction of the applications from our primary information system partners
  • Maintaining a robust and effective communication channel with our primary information system partners and HEUG members regarding these non-USA users’ collective priorities for applications, upgrades and support

The Global Council membership will primarily consist of the elected Regional Representatives from the five current HEUG international focus regions, viz. ANZ [Australia/New Zealand], Asia, Canada, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and Latin America – but this membership could expand to accommodate any future HEUG International focus regions. The HEUG Board may, at its discretion, appoint other individuals to serve for a period of time on the Global Council.

Elected Regional Representatives:

Board Appointment: 

We all face potentially unique challenges within our own countries and regions, and in order for the Global Council to properly represent your region’s needs, concerns, ideas, etc. - you are encouraged to please feel free to contact us at the above email addresses to bring such issues to our attention. 

The Global Council has also starting working towards providing:

  • A facility for member institutions to submit their issues, concerns and suggestions directly online via the HEUG platform so that these matters can be more easily aggregated and tracked, and similarly
  • A facility for member institutions to submit details of initiatives envisaged; in progress or recently completed by their institution which – in the interest of learning and collaboration – they are happy to share with fellow HEUG members.

To learn more about our newly incorporated Global Council, please see the charter. 

Download Charter

We look forward to the future and by concentrating on our non-U.S members in this new model, we believe we will be increasing the overall benefits to our entire HEUG community!

Global Council Representatives