HEUG President Town Hall Webinar - Recap

By Mario Berry posted 10-22-2015 10:00 AM


Dear Members,

Did you have the opportunity to attend the HEUG President Town Hall webinar? If you were not able to attend please click here to watch the archived webinar now.

Town Hall meetings will provide more transparency into what the Board of Directors and what the HEUG is doing to sustain relevance to the members and to Oracle to ensure the HEUG maintains its history of excellence. The Board will work to continue to provide quality information, education and advocacy to all members.

Below is a brief recap of some topics that were discussed during the presentation as well as Q&A following the webinar:

Strategic Plan 2015-2016

  • Education and Advocacy - These two core mission objectives are supported by four foundational core values that drive the annual strategies for the organization.

Foundational Core Values

  • Leadership: Constantly work to create, establish, organize and have influence on events, initiatives and programs to enhance or maximize the HEUG’s mission.
  • Partnership: Create, maintain and strengthen partnerships with organizations and individuals in the higher education community and those who provide products and services in support of the HEUG mission.
  • Networking & Sharing: Through an open exchange of information, ideas and learned experiences we strive to gather as a community in support of education, by supporting and strengthening our individual and collective organizations locally, nationally and globally.
  • Communication: We constantly utilize our opportunity to be transparent and disseminate information. Through our collective experiences and partnerships we are able to identify and strengthen our products, processes and organizations by being aware and making use of a set of constantly evolving communication methods.


  • Enhance the HEUG’s support for communication, collaboration and education across the entire HEUG ecosystem
  • Strengthen the HEUG’s effectiveness in its advocacy role
  • Increase HEUG member engagement and satisfaction
  • Ensure HEUG’s continued organizational and financial health

Advisory Groups – Election Changes

  • Natural attrition from Advisory Groups this year to move most Advisory Groups to a core of 7 members.
  • Elections will proceed for those Advisory groups which would fall below 7 members after natural attrition.
  • >PAGs remaining above 7 members would not have elections this year.

Q&A Portion:

  1. How does shrinking the PAGs increase their effectiveness?

    -Shrinking the Advisory Groups is not a direct correlation to their effectiveness. By allowing the reduction of certain positions within some of the Advisory Groups we are able to create additional Advisory Groups to address the different challenges that we see coming from within Oracle.
  2. We hear a lot about a changing engagement model with Oracle. Can you speak a bit about how this engagement model is changing? What will it look like as we move forward?

    -The Reorganization Work Group will continue to make strides to get us a complete picture of what that will look like. Having our new elections process this year is our first step in getting us to the potential shape of where the organization is going, as well as what we are hearing from Oracle.
  3. Could you elaborate on how the HEUG Advocacy role would be enhanced? HEUG members would love to help Oracle shape the future of the product and prioritize enhancements/fixes.

    -We have attempted to get our existing Advisory Groups as well as the new groups to be more strategic in mind. Not just focused on the functionality of the features, but as an overall Higher Ed organization need to focus on/move forward with Oracle’s continued development to address internal organizational challenges that impact student services, learning and success.
  4. I often submit enhancements via the Product Enhancement Tracker, but feel like the PAG does nothing with this information. Can you describe how a PAG advocates for enhancement requests with Oracle?

    -We can continue to work on this through our VP of Product, Jane Broad, and what types of actions and responses we receive from the Product Enhancement Tracker (PET). Those product enhancements are not getting the same level of attention from within Oracle possibly because Oracle is looking to minimize their development, features and functionality in some of the other products as they advance their services in other areas.

If you would like to see more from this webinar, the recording and slides are available in the HEUG.Online Archives.

Please send any questions or concerns to

Mario Berry
HEUG President
Associate Vice Chancellor, Lone Star College