Sunset of Summit and Alliance 2019!

By Buddy Combs posted 03-18-2019 11:12 AM



As the sun set on Summit and Alliance 2019 and we are back at our institutions we can now begin to share our knowledge gained from all the sessions and networking with peers and friends.  The Summit for 2019 was very productive.  Goals for the upcoming year were discussed and Advisory Group roles determined.  The two and half day Summit was well attended and encouraged to see the volume of Oracle participation.  We are very grateful for the continued support of our HEUG members.

Beach Ball.jpg

Alliance was a huge success and have heard several comments on the excellent content of the sessions.  If there was one negative it would be there was so many sessions to choose from which really is a positive!  Many individuals struggled to determine which session to attend thinking they would miss out on a session they missed.  If this was you, have no fear. Over the next few weeks the HEUG Team will be reviewing the session recordings and uploading them within HEUG.Online.  If you missed a session you will be able to listen to the recordings and follow along with the PowerPoint (if presenter uploaded their copy to HEUG.Online). 

Of course we encountered a few snags during the conference, our goal is to have none, however for the size of our conference believe we have a team of volunteers that strive to make your experience a great one!  We encourage you to complete the conference evaluations as well as the session evaluations.  When you take the time to complete the survey, we take the time to review.  Your feedback provides the Conference Team and HEUG Board insight on how we can continue to provide our members an excellent Alliance and provide you and your institution valuable resources.

Grateful for your attendance for Alliance 2019 and we are already planning for Alliance 2020. Keep in touch and see you in Philadelphia.