October 2019 Member News - Shortcuts to getting involved!

By Lisa McNeil posted 10-01-2019 09:51 AM


A warm welcome to the 267 people that joined the HEUG so far this month! A lot is happening and as a new member, you might be wondering "what is going on"?!

Well the HEUG is currently in the middle of Advisory Group Elections. What is an Advisory Group? Happy you asked! An Advisory Group is a group composed of representatives from HEUG Member Institutions with expertise in various product modules and technical areas within the world of Oracle application software. These representatives advocate on behalf of the larger community for enhancements, new functionality, and resolutions of problems.

More Information

In order for an Advisory Group to advocate on behalf of their community, they need active participants telling them what they are facing. Don't get me wrong, this isn't just a place to rant, it's a place for discussion. Don't be surprised you may actually have the answer to another member's question. Ready to get involved? I have a shortcut for you to subscribe to the listservs of the HEUG communities. 

Please click on the community link below to subscribe to the listserv:

    Finance Advisory Group

    Technical & Reporting Advisory Group