Mass Assign and Release of Service Indicators using Population Selection

By Colleen Curran posted 09-29-2020 12:50 PM



PeopleSoft delivers functionality to allow you to mass assign and mass release service indicators. In this blog post we will cover:

  • Security and access considerations
  • How to write a pop select query which is used by the population selection
  • How to set up the mass assignment of a service indicator
  • How to set up the mass release of a service indicator
  • Additional resources

Security and access considerations

Staff wanting to use this functionality will need to have access to Query Manager to build the query along with access to the underlying records for the query (via Query Access Manager). The user or batch account running the processes will also require Service Indicator Security to the Service Indicator Code and the Service Indicator Reason to place and/or release the service indicator.


Pop Select Query to be used to Mass Assign Service Indicators

For the mass assign process to work using a population selection query, the query must contain a bind record. A bind record contains the fields that are required for this process to select IDs. The bind record for service indicator pop selects is SCC_BND_SRCIND.

In this case, the only field in the bind record is EMPLID.

 Screen shot 1.png


This bind record is joined with the record(s) to build the criteria to select the population for which the service indicator will be assigned. The bind record also enables the query to be selected for the mass assignment process.

As an example, at my college, we run a nightly process to mass assign positive service indicators to indicate a student or applicant has declared they have a disability. The service indicator that is applied does not give any specific information about the disability but allows other staff, who do not have access to see those details, know that one exists.

Because we use other positive service indicators to indicate the type of disability, our population selection query contains the SCC_BND_SRCIND record and is joined with SRVC_IND_DATA to select the population of applicants and students to which we want the ‘generic’ disability service indicator to be assigned.

For those using the Accommodations pages in PeopleSoft to track any disability related data, you can use those records in your population selection query instead.

 Note that the field or fields in the bind record must be selected:

 Screen shot 2.png

Then you can build whatever criteria you require to select your population of students:

 Screen shot 3.png


Mass Assignment process

Once you have your pop select query built you can create your Mass Assign process.

Navigation:  Campus Community > Service Indicators > Person > Mass Assign or  Campus Community > Service Indicators (Student) > Mass Assign


A Run Control is needed to run the process. If you plan to schedule this process to run on a regular schedule, a Recurrence will be required as well.

Note that you can also use an External File or Equation Engine as your Selection tool.


When you choose the Selection Tool of PS Query you can then enter the query name or search for a query.

 Screen shot 4.png

Remember that only queries with bind records are available for Population Selection.
So, if you don’t see your query here, check to make sure it contains the correct bind record.

 Screen shot 5.png


Screen shot 6.png


After you have selected your query, you can Preview Selection Results (note it only shows a maximum of 300) to spot check.

 Screen shot 7.png

Then, in the Service Indicator Data section, enter the following required fields: Institution, Service Indicator Code and Reason.

In the Effective Period section, you must enter a Start Term or a Start Date for the service indicator.

In the Assignment Details section, the Department field is required.

 Screen shot 8.png


When you have entered everything needed, the process can be run to mass assign the service indicators by clicking the Run button.


Mass Release process

The Mass Release process for service indicators is the same as the Mass Assign process. The difference is that you instead need a query that identifies applicants or students who no longer meet the criteria for having that service indicator assigned.

So, in this example, the population selection query to remove the service indicator looks at those individuals who have the service indicator assigned, but who do not (no longer) meet that requirement. The same bind record, SCC_BND_SRCIND needs to be used in the query.

 Screen shot 9.png


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