Time Out!

By Brad Finley posted 08-12-2016 05:07 AM


For almost all of us the start of a new academic year is just days or weeks away.  No matter what your role at your institution this time of year probably comes with extra stress or more work.  Take a break from it all and set aside a few minutes to relax and peruse HEUG Online, there’s lots of great information there to give your mind a break.

The call for Alliance 17 proposal’s opened on Monday.  Click over to the conference site and think about what you might want to present.  Have you done something with your process that would benefit other users?  Consider turning it into an Alliance presentation.

Next week HEUG President Mario Berry will host two town hall sessions.  This is the best way to find out the HEUG objectives for the coming year.  There is a lot happening so be sure to tune in on August 17.  The sessions are be offered at two different times so everyone around the world can have an opportunity to connect.  Get the details on the home page under “Featured News”.

Check out the upcoming webinars under the “Education Calendar Series section. Look under the “HEUG Online” section for a guided tour of how to get the most out of HEUG Online or for other tips and tricks for using the system.

Dig down into one of the groups under the “Forums” link.  Perhaps there is a question posted that you might be able to answer for a fellow user.

Explore HEUG Online a few minutes each day and see what there is to offer. 

OK, now get back to work!