Alliance 2019 Onsite Visit

By Buddy Combs posted 09-22-2018 10:09 AM


As I begin to write this, realized today is the first day of the fall season here in the US. Always a busy time with the start of the fall term, everyone back in full swing, after enjoying sometime during the summer with family and friends. This past week was a busy one for members of the Board Officers and Alliance 2019 planning team. Monday and Tuesday the Board Officers meet to continue discussion on providing the ultimate education and advocacy opportunities for HEUG Members. Followed by a two day meeting with the Alliance 2019 Conference Committee. Even though this was the committees last on site visit for the conference, we will continue planning efforts up to the start of the conference and through the final day!

The Swan and Dolphin conference center is the main conference center with a few conference activities held within the Yacht Club. Yes there can be a bit of walking however, does it compare to some walks during Salt Lake City in the snow!, or the walk through the MGM Grand, or the maze through Opryland, for this writer that is just one part of the excitement of attending Alliance.  So enjoy the opportunity to tour the grounds and see what is different and what is the same everywhere we visit. 

During our visit, we toured all the conference centers to determine the best use of space and efficiency for the members when on site. In addition, we had the opportunity to sample some of the cuisine both conference centers had to offer. For some sneak peaks of our two day on site visit, you can view #Alliance19 and @HEUG via Twitter. Encourage you to spread the word and be on the lookout for Cathy Thompson’s Alliance 19 blogs and all Alliance 2019 conference communications via all forms of social media for the next several months. March 2019 is closing in on us fast!

#Alliance19 on site Planning meeting completed! Lot of accomplishments these two days, however the planning continues till we all arrive on site again in 2019. Good Vibes ahead! @heug

— Buddy Combs (@bcombs0003) September 20, 2018