Oracle Student Cloud: Customer Focus Group Sign-up

By Buddy Combs posted 01-17-2018 12:11 PM


Oracle is celebrating the recent launch of Student Management Cloud for continuing education; in addition, they are looking ahead to the exciting innovations and features planned for both traditional and continuing education in the upcoming year.  Oracle is developing the next generation of SIS for higher education that truly meets the evolving needs of your students and institutions.

Moving into the next phase of their customer engagement, the Oracle Student Cloud team wants to engage members of the HEUG community and the Advisory Groups to create a broader group of specialists in seven key functional areas:

  1. Academic Advising
  2. Admissions
  3. Financial Aid
  4. Institutional Research
  5. Student Enrollment & Records
  6. Student Financials
  7. Cross-Product Features (Cover features that are shared across product modules. e.g. notifications, rules engine, document management.)

Who are we looking for?

  • Domain experts from institutions of all types globally in each of the functional areas who:
  • Have a firm grasp of current and ideal business processes.
  • Can inform, validate and review requirements, personas, use cases, integration needs, designs and prototypes.
  • Are excited about innovations and new approaches to addressing problems.
  • Can connect the Oracle team, as needed, with students for feedback on the student interface/tools.
  • Can dedicate an average of 1-2 hours each month for virtual/in-person discussions and/or other activities such as surveys.
  • Timing, frequency and approach will vary over the course of the year based on our product development lifecycle.
  • Most of the meetings will be virtual. However, if there is an opportunity for an in-person get-together (e.g. at Alliance 2018), we will take advantage of it!

If your institution is excited to participate in the focus groups, please have the interested participants fill out this quick 5-minute questionnaire by January 19, 2018. Membership in these Focus Groups will be selected based on the questionnaire and your HEUG.Online biography, so please make sure your bio is current.  Oracles Product Managers will define meeting times, logistics, and reach out to the focus groups directly to convene the first meeting in the New Year.

Sign up today!

We look forward to your participation and thank you in advance.

Best regards,
The HEUG Board and Oracle Student Cloud Team