Tools at your disposal

By Annik Gelineau posted 09-08-2015 09:30 AM


Are you trying to use one of the Campus Community’s functionalities and have hit a wall? Do you think that one of the campus community’s functionalities contains a bug? Do you have an idea about an enhancement that would answer your needs?


Here’s a quick reminder of tools at your disposal to let the Campus Community (CC) members, the CC PAG, and Oracle know about potential bugs and/or enhancements ideas. These tools can also be used to share your concerns and get help.


The major functionalities covered by Campus Community include, but are not limited to: Personal Information management and integration, CC Self-Service functions, Delegated Access, Search/Match and Duplicate ID detection/resolution, 3Cs and Communication Generation, Affiliations, Constituent Transaction Management, Evaluation Management, SEVIS.


Below are tools at your disposal:


The list-serve 

If you encounter difficulties while using one of the campus community’s functionalities, we recommend that you post a message on the CC list-serve (Forum) or on the SEVIS list-serve (Forum.)  You can access both the CC and SEVIS Forums on the HEUG portal by clicking the “Forums’ link at the top of the Home Page. Every member is welcome to post an answer. You are invited to share your tips, know-how, and experience through these forums. The CC PAG Forum Monitor will make sure that every post is answered.


Product Enhancements Tracker (PET)

If you wish to suggest an enhancement or if you encounter a problem that seems to be a bug (it couldn’t be answered on the list-serve,) you have to log a request in the Product Enhancements Tracker (PET). You simply have to fill out the form on the HEUG Website ( To make sure that the CC PAG and the CC members understand your need, please describe, exhaustively, the problem encountered or your idea. Please put as much detail in the request as possible.


According to the PET Best Practice, an Oracle service request (SR) or bug reference (BR) will not be required to complete the submission on the HEUG Website. However, their inclusion is required within 30 days. Thus, please make sure to add the information once you have completed the Oracle form or your request will be closed in the PET.


Each request will be reviewed by the CC PAG once the SR or BR number is logged in. If it’s decided to close a request, the CC Enhancement Tracker Coordinator will send an email to the person who submitted it explaining why it is closed.


When a request is accepted, the CC PAG will follow up with Oracle to keep track of repairs and development until the matter is resolved.


To help Oracle establish priorities, CC members will be polled as necessary.


Currently, Oracle is concentrating on preparing the Campus Solutions 9.2 release.  Therefore, the target for considering most enhancement requests will be the 9.2 release.


Birds of a feather at Alliance 2016

Last but not least, you are encouraged to participate in the CC PAG Birds of a feather’s session during the next Alliance Conference in Seattle.  The CC PAG will present its priorities for the coming year and, more important, will listen to your questions and concerns. Furthermore, on the spot, the members present may be able to provide answers to many of your questions or concerns.



Among others, the CC PAG’s mission is to advocate on behalf of Campus Community members to the HEUG’s board and Oracle. The list of the CC PAG member’s roles is posted on the HEUG website at the following path: About the HEUG -> Advisory Groups -> Current PAG Members -> Campus Community.  The CC PAG members have recently updated their respective HEUG Bios in an effort to showcase their experience and education in Higher Education as well as in certain features of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. We implore you to browse through the CC PAG members experiences and reach out to them with questions or concerns. Collectively, the CC PAG members have a great deal of experience and if they have not been in a similar situation as you, the odds are they know someone that has.