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Exciting Sessions Coming to Alliance 2024: A Sneak Peek!

By Brittany Moon posted 08-21-2023 04:40 PM


Hello to our dedicated readers and Alliance enthusiasts! The Alliance 2024 Program Team is buzzing with excitement, and we can't hold back any longer! We've managed to line up some of the most sought-after sessions with the creme de la creme of HEUG's Champion Presenters. Today, we're thrilled to offer you an exclusive preview of some of the standout sessions slated for Alliance 2024.

🔹 You have reached your destination: Navigating the lanes of a diverse work environment

Join Crystal Hotchkiss, M.A. Sr. Student Records Business Analyst, Cornell University, as she guides you through the maze of diverse workplaces. Whether you're contemplating a career change, acclimating to remote roles, or aiming to enhance connections across varied work locales, this session is your guiding star. Dive into strategies for achieving work-life harmony and hear firsthand stories from eclectic work settings. Embark on this journey to seamlessly blend into any workspace, always feeling tethered and unified, irrespective of miles.

🔹  Budget Equations: A New Tool in the FA Shed

Step into the future of Financial Assistance (FA) tools with Daniel J Labrecque, Business Systems Analyst/Functional Architect, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His session promises a deep dive into the innovative world of Budget Equations, spotlighting real-world applications like Housing and Loans. Prepare for enlightening discussions on equation formulations, callable SQL, Pop Update, User Edit Messages, and more. Elevate your financial strategies and harness the power of these advanced tools!

🔹 PS Query for Functional Users – Intermediate to Advanced Expressions

Split over two parts, Jamie Polizzi, Business Technical Analyst, University of Texas at Dallas, is set to explore the secrets to maximizing your query's potential. Journey with us as we spotlight the most efficient and effective query functionalities discovered and employed by UT Dallas. Our extensive use of PS Query spans from population selections and reports to pagelets and beyond. Eager to elevate your querying game? Dive in as we share our top expressions that have proven invaluable through the years!

🔹 BI Publisher & Connected Query

Ever wondered how to craft impeccable reports from scratch? Christopher Pokorny, Manager, IT Services, Cleveland State University, unveils the magic in a comprehensive two-part series. Delve into an insightful exploration of each technology's purpose, accompanied by live demos. Watch as child queries seamlessly connect to their parent query in Connected Query, marvel at the design of report templates in Microsoft Word, and experience the prowess of running BI Publisher reports. Fear not your proficiency level or background—this session is crafted to ensure everyone, from novices to experts, functional to technical, can quickly and clearly absorb these intricate concepts.

🔹 Communicating Tech to Non-Techies

Anna Kourouniotis, Database Analyst II, Duke University, is spearheading an effort to close the communication gap between tech gurus and the rest of us. In today's tech-driven era, her session stands out as an indispensable guide. Dive into this enlightening discussion and uncover structured guidelines to mold your distinctive and effective presentation flair. With a keen focus on structure, content, context, delivery, and engagement, Anna aims to equip attendees with the skills to convey intricate technical nuances in an understandable and memorable fashion. Attend and master the art of transforming intricate tech jargon into compelling presentations.

The gears are in motion, and preparations for Alliance 2024 are in full swing! Eager for more details? Don't hesitate - head over to the Alliance Conference website now. Discover more about the conference, mark those crucial dates in your calendar, find venue information, and so much more.

Join us in Igniting Innovation and Thriving Together at Alliance 2024. See you there!


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09-01-2023 08:00 PM

Looking forward to the many member sessions offered during Alliance 2024!  Always find an ah-ha moment that I can bring back to my college!