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CRM at Alliance 2022 - Data Management and Visualization

By Lorne Henne posted 02-07-2022 09:00 AM


Data, data everywhere, and not a drop to drink!!!  We’re surrounded by a wealth of data and the way we parse and present it to make data easily understandable and actionable is the theme of these following presentations. Learn best practice methods to make the most of presenting data. Find out how to maximize Campus Solutions to determine student engagement to support your retention efforts.  Learn how presenting data in a training context helped train advisors become empowered in their retention efforts, and gained larger system buy-in in the university community.


Session 8533: “Data visualization and analytics in Higher Education”

Mon. Mar 14 10:00 – 11:00 AM PDT Room 213

This presentation offers ways that higher education institutions can use analytics and data visualizations to make an impact with data. The focus is on methodology and practice rather than specific tools. The intention is to provide the audience with a high-level understanding of how institutions discover and communicate their findings which allow for transparency and also promote a self-service approach to easily attaining information. In some cases, this may ultimately lead to driving change that includes creating a data culture.



Session 8851: “Sorting out the data for Co-curricular Engagement Reports”

Tue. Mar. 15 8:30 – 9:30 AM Room 213

Learn to use the short description field for PeopleSoft Student Groups to associate student groups with divisions and departments at your university and automatically add new student groups to existing co-curricular engagement reports.  Attendees will identify strategies for managing co-curricular student engagement data in a way that promotes retention and other types of longitudinal reporting. Take  away tangible examples of basic engagement reports using PeopleSoft student groups.



Session 8636: “Training and Gaining Community Buy-In for Your CRM”

Wed. Mar. 16 12:45-1:45 PM  PDT -  Room 213

Gillian Scott, Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness at Kean University, will share how the school successfully trained 500+ faculty, staff, and administrators on Ellucian CRM Advise in the middle of a semester. She will also demonstrate the many unique ways Kean is maximizing CRM Advise functionality to support 10+ collaborating offices, 15,000 students, and three campuses. In addition, you’ll learn how the institution’s faculty advisors have been able to quickly and efficiently access student information to support enrolled and not registered (ENR) students and the registration process.



Session 8710:  “Presentation is everything! Ways to engage your students in an effective way”

Wed. Mar 16 2:00 – 3:00 PM PDT Room 615-617

It is becoming increasingly difficult for educational institutions to gain and hold student’s attention when providing information, and more challenging to obtain the required responses.  Influencing this challenge is the way students are approached and how the information is presented. Inholland University of Applied Sciences will provide several examples of processes adapted to make the presentation of data and information clearer and more effective for both students and employees. The demos and examples mainly focus on PeopleSoft Campus Solutions but offer other apps such as chatbots where necessary. This session is part of the Professional Development Pathway.



They say knowledge is power, and it’s often not about the software as much it is about educating and enlightening those gatekeepers about the benefits of presenting data effectively and putting it in the hands of the front-line service providers. When you have timely, accurate and easily presentable data in hand, you can be guaranteed of better outreach and more effective service to your students.


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