Alliance 2013 -- It's a Wrap!

By Max Herman posted 04-12-2013 02:11 PM


The Campus Community Product Advisory Group would like to thank everyone for a great Alliance Conference 2013! 

We had a wide variety of sessions (19 total), great attendance, and lively participation.  The PAG is excited to keep the conversations going and stay in touch with everyone we met in Indy as we engage with the CC community throughout the year. 

We would also like to welcome everyone who has an interest in the Campus Community module but could not join us at Alliance.  Special greetings from our new Chair, Jeanne Horvath (University of Michigan), and our new members of the PAG:  Max Herman (University of Minnesota) and Jennifer Ritson (UNITEC Institute of Technology, New Zealand).  Our goal is to reach out to all who wish to learn more and share their knowledge about this vital area of Campus Solutions, and bring you as much access to information and participation as possible. 

The Alliance Conference and preceding CCPAG Summit gave us the chance to meet face-to-face, hear and respond to strategy and product updates from Oracle, and refine our goals and vision for the new year.  Some of our key priorities will include:

  • Assist Oracle with the development and release of new functionality, including Delegated Access Phase 2 and Veterans Services.
  • Revitalize our outreach to the CC community, to share information and gather input about user needs.
  • Formulate and distribute useful best practices in focus areas like Duplicate Emplid Management, the HCM/CS Split, Communication Generation, and others.
  • Advocate for CC users in our consultations with Oracle experts, and in collaboration with other PAG’s, to enhance current functionality and deliver targeted innovations. 

Follow us on Twitter at #CCPAG and visit our blog for upcoming initiatives and dialogue.  Keep up to date by subscribing to the CC Listserv.  Together we can maximize the value of Campus Community to our institutions, and advance us all toward our goals of serving our students and organizations. 

Very best regards,





Note:  for detailed information on new and planned changes to PeopleSoft, refer to this Oracle resource:

PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 Additional Features April 2013 Pre-Release Notes [ID 1541452.1]